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How can individuals/ citizens fight against corruption?



We can ask questions “why should I pay extra? Will I get a receipt?”


yes i second :+1: amablue because requesting for a receipt can also serve as an evidence when needed


Today my cab was pulled over by two policemen at the airport junction in Accra. The driver was asked out of the car and as he got back he told me that one of the policemen took 10 cedis from him. I went out of the car to only ask the policemen about their names but they refused to tell me.

Equipping the police with badges is not enough to support citizens. That's why this suggestion made about body cameras on the police is much more interesting. The writer asks "But will equipping police with body cameras be feasible in Ghana? And will it help in reducing police corruption in Ghana?" https://technovagh.com/2017/12/06/ghana-police-body-cameras-to-fight-corruption/
"Watching the watchmen". I support it!


LOL. "Watching the watchmen". I love that. Also as there is no time bound we can only hope it takes place next year.


Good question.


If appropriate procedures are put in place and enforced correctly. I think this could help alot. I'm talking with respect to what times the camera should be kept on or off.


@pineapples I agree appropriate measures, training and lots of education.


By standing on a firm ground to do the right thing at the right time.and education everyone the children especially