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How much of a tip is too much to pay and how is it different from a bribe


We visited the Ghana water company recently to follow up on a payment we made the week before to have a meter installed for us. When we got there the man in charge told us our meter was not in yet which means we have to wait till next year since they have to break for the holidays. Ideally we were supposed to receive the meter 14 days after the request. This was the thirteenth day and we just wanted to know how far. He later mentioned that there is a meter there that hasn't been claimed and has been there for some weeks. He said he will give us that and replace it with ours when it finally came. Cool right? Well he also said we should do "amamr3"(give him something small) after he has installed it for us. Something for the holidays. Should we decide to give him something would it be a bribe or a tip??


Don’t do it… accept that it is for humanity that we just have to do the right thing. Is he not taking monthly salary?? He should be ok with it. Now if u pay, for the work to be done it is corruption. And I believe tips is given after the work is done in a right way to the satisfaction of the customer.