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>>LIVE CHAT: Sunday, 17th Dec,2017 6pm: Time With The Public Health Official


Post your questions here :point_down: for our Public Health Official to answer during the Live The Chat. :calling:


Hello Good Evening.
What is Ghana health service doing about the central medical store that was intentionally burnt ?


What health services do people usually pay extra for (ie. bribes)?


What actions are supposed to be taken by the hospital if a corruption case is reported?


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My q: 1. how wide-spread is petty corruption in the health sector and at this medical professional's place of work?

  1. What is a common sum asked for different services, or it depends? In that case, what does it depend on?


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I've been in the health sector since 1984 and I have spent most of my years with the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital


Usually when people want quick attention. For instance when people want to jump up in surgical lists.


What do mean by when people want to jump surgical list please?


Sadly this situation cuts across from the consulting room to the mortuary, orderlies even.


I believe "jump up in surgical lists" means to be treated before others waiting longer than you...wow, this is so sad, surgical lists are by level of payment...


In the surgical department there is usually a list of patients all waiting for surgery. Sometimes people want quick service hence they pay extra to be placed up the list


Occasionally we even get cases where people who are not staff members of the hospital defraud innocent people.


@guest Can we have an example how that could happen?


Well every hospital has its policies usually based on the national rules and guidelines for handling corrupt acts. At most hospitals however extortion of money from patients is seen as a major offence and is punished by dismissal


What if someone wants quick service and has been in the queque for sometime, but has no money to be placed up the list, also needs medical attention and trusting the process to get the needed attention. Would you consider people jumping up the list as bribing their way through?