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Post your questions here :point_down: and a pro undercover journalist :eyeglasses: :iphone: :writing_hand: will answer it during the :calling: live chat!


My question is: How would you encourage an aspiring Anas :movie_camera: to get started?


My question is; how do you advice someone who has the passion for undercover journalism but lack the courage to take a step or better still action.


How would you determine if the environment is safe and conducive enough to go undercover without getting caught?


How can we manage to record about two or three police men taking bribe at the same time?


Please post your questions for the live chat under this topic!


Noted with thanks. @amablue


Identify stories within your environment as a starting point. With that familiarity, remain curious and keep asking questions. Where you see the need for change, ask yourself how you can work to make that change happen. With time, your circle will expand and you'll be making a valuable contribution in your field. Don't stop working. Keep pushing. Same for you @amir


Do we have people who are expect in answering questions in the police?


Yes. We have developed official relationships within the Ghana Police service because we see them as direct stakeholders in what we do. We've had a few meetings with them and the response has been very encouraging. This is at the top level. We are working to make sure it trickles down to the local communities.


Focus is key. So I'd encourage you to get one clear act of corruption at a time than trying to get all three at the same time. Once you get that convincing one, it'll help in the fight against corruption


In addition, would you @edjumawura and others be interested in engaging directly with police representatives, we could look into organizing such a meeting.


I would love to hear from the police.


It's always good to study your environment carefully and find a way to blend in without suspicion. In addition, you must always bear in mind that the environment is dynamic and things can change quickly. So, the best thing to do is to always be alert without acting nervous in a way that could give you away.


What should I try to capture in a film for it to be highly useful in the fight against corruption? Peoples faces? Exchange of money? Words said? Premises?


To adequately establish a case of corruption your video needs to demonstrate that the public official in question makes a demand for money or other inducement for a service that does not require any payment. In cases where money is involved, it's important that you capture the moment money exchanges hands. Also to establish the identity of the people involved, be sure to get their faces and a name tag where possible. Always think about evidence, so no one can challenge the authenticity of your video.


What can I do if someone questions me holding my phone in their general direction and demands I give it to them?


ok thank you


My question is; how do you advice someone who has the passion for undercover journalism but lack the courage to take a step or better still action.


Yes that will be a very big huge great idea :thumbsup: