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Our First Resolved Story: GPHA Reprimanded The Officer Who Allegedly Accepted A Bribe


As you may have seen already in this article posted on the Ghanaweb.com, action has been taken on one of the videos uploaded on Klarity.org!

It has been confirmed that the Tema port security official caught on tape accepting a “gift” has been reprimanded by GPHA.

The video evidence was originally uploaded by a Klarity user back in October 2017. You can watch the video here.

Since then, the GPHA has conducted an investigation and has decided to reprimand the officer involved. He was made to forfeit his overtime privileges for one month and has been redeployed to a post where he will not come into direct contact with the clients of the Port Authority.

Though a small step in the fight against petty corruption in Ghana, this successful case proves that things can change, and we are many who believe in doing the right thing.

One of those people is Esther Gyebi-Dokor, the General Manager of Marketing and Corporate Affairs of GPHA, who supervised that the Port Authority investigated this case and took action on it. We applaud her for responding swiftly and acting it on it!

You can find the press release about this case here: Press Release Tema Harbour video (PDF)

What do you think about this case? Does it give you hope to see action being taken against corrupt officials? Let’s discuss!



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