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Share personal experience with petty corruption


Do you have any personal experiences with petty corruption? When/What happened/What did you do? Please share with us!


At DVLA Tema, I had to renew my license. I was waiting for my turn to get a signature on my paperwork and saw several (connection?) men cut the line of waiting people with folders which quickly got signed and cash changing hands.


fast lane! I heard being a connection man is someone's full time job. Wakes up every morning goes to the office and just "connects".


I also read here https://www.naaoyooquartey.com/ganyobinaa/qus0hb9uwcfg8c8b2qiwa79i3aka0m/12/2/2017 that now there are fake policemen using tactics to rob people.


wow real eye opener thanks alot for this. Let's all be careful out there.


:pray: Always think of your safety first!



These personal stories tell a lot about what corruption really is about :cry: