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What would it mean to us individually if there was no petty corruption?


What would it mean to all of us individually if there was no petty corruption?


:purse: Financially, I feel like it would not affect me personally all that much, because I’m lucky that I can most of the time afford either to complain, wait (time is money), or worst case scenario: pay. However, I think of people making a few 100 GHS a month. For instance 5 GHS as an added fee, or 40 GHS for a new Voters ID as in the Klarity :movie_camera: is a sizable sum.

:couple_with_heart: The other aspect is petty bribes negatively impacts trust and the wrong thing being done becoming the norm. That I think affects us all in a very negative way? Everyone else would do this wrong thing...


I think it would make me feel safer if I could trust in our public servants to do their jobs. Trusting them makes it easier to trust in the system and that means we wouldn't to try alternative routes to access such services.


Freedom from the bondage of having to go so low to have something done for myself. Peace on the idea that my life wouldn’t be at risk at any point in time because I might have to do some corrupt act to stay alife one day