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Why Is Petty Corruption Bad?


Petty corruption undermines democracy, rule of law and confidence in institutions. It impacts the morality in society negatively, leads to misallocation of resources, increases the cost of doing business, leads to a cycle of impunity and those affected the most are the poor, who are the most vulnerable. Source: https://klarity.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001843314-Why-is-petty-corruption-bad-


Petty corruption destroys my trust in public service. Public officials are there to serve citizens, that's why their salaries are paid through our taxes. Bribes being paid to public officials undermine the whole system. As citizens we need to know that we can trust the police, health officials, teachers and principals - our society.


Petty corruption as the name sounds is for petty people; the reason for all to kick out petty corruption is, its effects are very devastating and unbearable, millions die, lose their jobs, starves because of this cancer as cancerous it is, is driving the nation to wreckage and must be stopped.


Petty corruption is bad just for the reason that it destroys human morals and bonds. Creating misguided trusts and letting the strong win over the weak. It is a taboo that should be cut out.


petty corruption puts the wring person at a place where they are not to be and the right people go about doing nothing and suffering. this makes productivity poor in our society.